Only the Best for the Best.

What is most important to you? It’s different for everybody; for some it may be food (holla), for some it’s their family, for some it’s travel, career, etc. and for a lot of people, like me, it’s their dog(s).

Kuma is my BFF, my side-kick, my alarm clock, my inspiration and I only ever want the best for my best. Kuma has energy I will never have and finding ingredients that will sustain his activity level, while also being nutritious and trustworthy has been at the top of my priority list.

Due to Kuma’s high levels of energy, we spend a lot of time outdoors backpacking, camping, rock-climbing, hiking, running, and during winter, snowshoeing and split-boarding. What Kuma eats during all of our activities, both low-level and high-level, is vital to how those days spent in the backcountry or running through our neighborhood goes.

Stella and Chewy’s Raw Kibble blend has been a “day of fun” life-saver. Hiking in the summer looks a lot different than in the winter, to trudge through snow is a lot more difficult, so making sure Kuma has the energy to make it uphill and downhill has been important. I trust their ingredients and Kuma has been able to maintain his level of energy through intense outdoor activities and less intense activities as well.

We are thankful for a source of food that is both trustworthy and nutritious!

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Say Hello...To My Kibble Friend.


I (and Kuma) have recently heard, “Ooooh, he’s so soft!” accompanied with the questions, “How is he so soft?” “How did he get such shiny fur?” “He’s 3 years? How is his fur so soft?” and the list goes on and on. Don’t get me wrong, I get it! I now have total hair/fur envy and often wonder “How can I have hair like that?” myself. The answer is simple, it’s in the food Kuma eats.


Dogs are more like us than we think they are, what we consume affects not only our insides, but also our skin, our hair, etc. and the same goes for Kuma. Ingredients and where they come from matter. We made the switch to Stella and Chewy's Raw Blend Kibble because of the premium, superior ingredients; if I can’t pronounce the name, Kuma does not eat it. I care about what I eat, therefore I care about what Kuma eats. With Stella and Chewy’s, I can rest assured that the ingredients Kuma is eating are helping him thrive and the proof is in his fur and his activity level.


Being a Siberian husky, Kuma's “To-Do” List is always full, therefore, he needs the fuel to keep him energized and ready for his next venture so he can cross off those “To-Dos.” Through trial runs with other foods, I’ve noticed that some don’t have the energy-packed ingredients to sustain Kuma’s energy and activity levels the same way Stella and Chewy’s Raw Blend Kibble does. Whether you see us running our 3-mile run through our neighborhood or you find us in the backcountry climbing a 13k+ foot peak, we need the energy and the ingredients to sustain us while also doing its job to keep our bodies healthy. Kuma’s favorite food (Stella and Chewy’s Grass-Fed Beef Raw Coated Kibble) does just that.


I am happy we made the switch and even though Kuma can’t say with words, he’s happy about it too. He used to be picky and would go sometimes a day+ without eating and despite knowing huskies could be picky eaters, it still concerned me. Since making the switch, Kuma eats every meal.


Hello Stella and Chewy's, goodbye scary ingredients!

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